Whistling Through The Wildlife

It’s a wild place I now reside in.

Humans shouldn’t really be allowed, but thankfully we still are. Especially because some of us kind of got pushed out of our longtime neighbourhoods in the big city…

Instead of the binners and skateboarders I was used to in Vancouver, bears roam the alleys here, and shit out their fruity compost everywhere.

There are still graffiti artists kicking around, as well as muralists decorating the lanes of the village I’ve settled in. It’s quite a bit like early Main Street, before it got all gentrified.  I love it here, even though I occasionally miss the electric undercurrent a big city provides.

Anyway, sometimes I have to whistle out loud to be certain I’m making my presence known, thus avoiding unnecessary conflict with wildlife.

Games Without Frontiers is my jam…

Someone told me years ago that I’m not allowed to whistle in songs. Hey man, The Rheostatics did it. Others have done it in past and even recently. I’m not going to cite every whistler out there. Whistling is cool, man. As long as you’re not a serial killer…

If you want to hear my horrible mid-tune whistling unedited, you can here. It’s a cover of Beck’s Jackass.