Forest Art & Laptop Photography

For those who’re curious, I’ve been messing around with various mediums (sketch, paint, comic, experimental photos/film, found art installation etc.) since I was a kid growing up in the woods and wilds of Southern Ontario – now residing in BC.

I love the notion of street art drops, but as I live surrounded by woods, the idea of environmentally-friendly forest art drops (composed of mats I’ve found in the wild) are more up my trail. It’s not about whether anyone finds the drop; it’s about the ritual of giving back, replenishing in different and new ways what we all take from the earth.

I don’t have a camera at present, thus most of the work I do is directly from my computer (update: I DID however just acquire a used cell phone which I hope to make use of for future works). Rudimentary as my work is, I’m enjoying playing with what is considered beauty, or even ‘proper’ photography. Blurring here, emboldening there, I’m coming up with my own style. It’s interesting and fun for me to experiment, whether it be artistically, musically, or lyrically.

Oh yeah, and speaking of music, you can hear some of my stuff here* and also over here.*

*note, they’re largely ‘engine room’ tracks (unedited works in progress) or older works.

lighter3selfportrait copy

If you’re wondering about this moniker, Beatrice was the name of Dante’s muse and Smartt just had a good snap to it.

nfpt2blurr copy

If you’re interested in supporting any of my creative endeavours, well holla at me and I’ll look into utilizing patreon or a similar platform. I’m a broke artiste, dude, but I’d certainly create more work – especially of the musical variety – if I could afford to! 🙂


You can reach me on this twitter or that twitter.