DIY Garden Art – The Living Wall


Oh don’t mind me, I’m just digging these ideas…google “living wall” and you’ll find plenty of DIY garden solutions if you’re cramped for space or just want to add dimension to your existing garden space.

Upcycle pallets and reclaimed wood into ruggedly handsome rustic frames.contemporary-indoor-pots-and-planters.jpg


The image below is the work of a professional landscape artist, but don’t let that sway you from trying your own hand at living art. Eco guerilla graffiti artists and muralists are exploring the next wave in this living art form.


Indoor living walls are a great way to purify the air in your space while creating gorgeous plant art.


Don’t have access to the materials used in the above examples? Just use your imagination! And of course now you’ll have something fun to do with your old lingerie…



Happy garden-arting:)