Embracing Creative Play with indie visual artist Siw

In which I chat via twitter DM with a long time mutual follow, indie artist Siw, who occasionally and graciously shares her work via twitter.


BS: I love the Neil Gaiman piece. Has he been an inspiration for much of your work, vicariously or otherwise? And are there particular people or fictional characters that inspire you?

Siw: As a person, he has been an inspiration. He says a lot of things that can be very relatable, but genuine. A mish-mash of things inspire me. Most comes from music or interactions or going out and observing people, really. But my father and my children are an inspiration for sure. And other artistic friends, too. And simply… The nature I am lucky enough to be in the middle of.

I am also inspired by folklore, myths and legends. I love that shit.

BS: Do you have an Etsy where people can buy your work, or have you considered that?

Siw: I don’t. I have sold some pieces through Twitter, some through my Facebook:o
Mostly I am really picky about buyers so I want to be able to deny them. I get a bit protective of my babies. For an online citizen I am bad at that kind of stuff… it feels so static. Maybe I should create an Instagram for my art or something. I can send you a variety of styles; I’ve got portraits and pointlessness side by side…And stuff like this… which I don’t typically tweet:


BS: ooooh i love that!

Siw: I like doing that kind of pen work but tweeting it is like asking for perverts.

BS: Man that sucks, it would make an awesome tatt. As a fellow female artist, I couldn’t help but notice a recent tweet in which you jokingly stated something to the effect of, “Days without receiving an unsolicited dick pic: 0”. Darkly humorous as that might be, what do you do when you encounter a twitter perv – block or attempt tolerance?

Siw: I… reprimand. There are a few on my list that started out asking for nudes and now are perfect gentlemen.

BS: Right on. I’m not super patient with that stuff myself;p

Siw: Oh, I will block if it doesn’t work… but an “aww, sweetie, I am sorry but you have gotten lost. You’re not in porn Twitter anymore, darling.” is surprisingly effective, often.
Mocking, but with kindness and a motherly tone is kind of my way about it.

BS: *laughs* That totally works. You mentioned a while back you were playing around with coffee – do you have a favourite medium to work in? Including any materials you enjoy (type of paper even)…

Siw: I like… different mediums for different moods, really. What I want to work with depends on my mood. But I am very very fond of pens. Quite simple black ink pens, (but with good ink, and an even flow) on thick paper. It creates a more “whole” look to the drawing where filled in lines don’t just become “scratching” (as seen on the one I sent you, “Broken”.)

No. 1 (part of series w: marker ink and coffee)
“No. 1”

BS: What do you consider the function of creative endeavours in your life to be? Have you/do you wish to study arts, or do you find it more to be serving an outlet from life as a mom etc., not something to ‘study’ but rather to ‘perform’ at will?

Siw: I find it an outlet yes. Not so much from life as a mom, but for someone with depression and anxiety… I find it meditative, as well as the fact that I see progress in my work and changes in my style… I am the “learn by doing” type person and I find the evolution of my own art interesting.

BS: Yes! I so agree. Anything one can do to alleviate otherwise unpleasantness – medical or otherwise – that doesn’t involve medication to me is something to be so grateful for.

Siw: Agreed. I don’t take medication, so I need other outlets. For me… Creating things, be it drawing, painting, writing, running around the country side with my camera to find the perfect light, angle, composition… Even singing (although I myself think I am so horrible at that I rarely share those results) helps me keep my mind somewhat together.

BS: That’s awesome. And hey, no one said it had to be perfect, whatever “perfection” even is. It’s about the joy in it, the Play! Thank you for sharing some of your work, Siw, and keep enjoying your creative play on your own terms:)