Gone Paintin’ feat. John Lurie

Anchor Is Stuck. I Cannot Go Anywhere. Time For A Sandwich. oil on linen, 18″x24″, 2009

Pushed out to sea by circumstance and choice, a man makes his way with paint and an almost impossibly authentic song in his heart…

You might not know the songs, but you surely should know the man, if you consider yourself in any way an aficionado of cult fandoms.

John Lurie is no stranger to the underground, although he might not have planned to end up in its hallowed quarters.

This would make excellent wallpaper for your children’s room, watercolor and graphite on paper, 16″x12″, 2014

He is an artist who has always remained true to his own vision, pursuing it in a strange and beautiful manner that reveals much of his own nature: instinctive, intuitive, attuned to his own natural setting as much as to the world in turmoil around him, developing his gorgeously simplistic and sensual style with many doses of humour.

Do not presume he’s a simple man; he has shown himself complex and intelligent in many ways through his various artistic expressions. Yet let us look at his artwork. He is not afraid to welcome in the common man, and show him Here. Look. See?

You Have The Right To The Pursuit Of Happiness. Good Luck With That. oil on linen, 18″x24″, 2009

I might say the same for much of his work, however his pronouncing HI, I play JAZZ is frankly an intimidating thing to declare to any random stranger.

And saying HI, I Portray Realistic Characters is also a bit intimidating to people who are afraid of indie cinema.

It’s almost as if he had to finally say Hey, Hi. I PAINT Stuff You Might Enjoy is the best he could hope for from an audience who had not previously appreciated his realness.

Elephant, watercolor and ink on paper, 7″x10″, 2009

But he is very much real in all things he has endeavoured, and that is why his paintings make sense to me, and make me feel frankly grateful a soul such as his endures in the midst of so much fabricated celebrity-themed nonsense.

Let his works speak for themselves.

all images courtesy johnlurieart.com

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