The Street Knows My Name – a live organic artistic collaboration


“There is a wolf at the door No matter how old it is, it is not sleeping BARK!” 2 BSmartt photographic experimentation

Featuring Music by Sunday Morning Come Sunday Morn

Street photography Lebowskigurl Mellow IG melbcgreen

Words & featured image Beatrice Smartt


Listen to the street.
It knows every scar
by heart

street photo credit IG melbcgreen

Oh Salvation?
it’s an army
offering a free meal
if you can stomach the sermon.

Oh Grace?
She offers deals on hand jobs
if you don’t mind it rough;
she’s out of moisturizer again

street photo credit IG melbcgreen

Oh Redemption?
He no longer walks this beat
since his suspension
for trading sex for pardons

Oh Mercy?
lol no
there is no one by that name here anymore.


Someone named Tolerance tiptoes amongst us
asking how we are and giving a sandwich
but we all call him Ignorance when he’s gone

Invention? Hey
Everybody knows her as Survival.
That’s our MOTHER, if you’re asking around.



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