The Perfection of The Imperfect Journey: PJ Patten’s Graphic Memoir Tower 25

I first learned the term wabisabi from my eldest sister, a PHD in religious studies. She had great taste in reading, so far as I was concerned when I was growing up, and I often raided her collections in my thirst for spiritual wisdom that had not necessarily been instilled in me by my folks.
But then, perhaps it *had* been there; Perhaps I always understood on some level, yet it was still nice to read things that resonated with thinking somewhat outside of what I’d already been taught.
Anyway, this isn’t about religious teaching or quite about philosophy; it’s about art.
It is about living as a human, too, in all of our own perfect imperfections. It’s about individual journeys, through all of the many trials, tribulations, and teaching moments, and it’s also about a type of grace, if you will, that keeps us ever on, picking ourselves up, dusting off, and plunging forward, however awkwardly, along the path that is ours alone.
It is also about appreciating the individual journey, empathizing, and yes, recognizing ourselves in each individual’s plight and triumph.

the satellite died, frozen we looked up for the first time – PJ Patten

PJ Patten’s tale is a true one, beautifully rendered in his graphic memoir, Tower 25.

jizo copypjtower copy

The work is so strong, unique, and speaks so well for its self, and I dare say I wouldn’t likely do as lovely of a job interviewing him as Sabrina (Life Of Bria) Symington does here; please have a listen, and look at his work yourselves. It’s well worth your time and support.

PJ’s artwork is on display through April 16 at Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive in Vancouver BC Canada (details here). I urge you to see the work in person if you’re able. Support indie artists!


Check out PJ’s website and be sure to give him a follow on FB, Twitter, and IG.

“Jizo”, artist PJ Patten